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Neptune Beach Summer Camp:

Our summer camp is about two things: FUN and GROWTH. We help kids develop confidence in themselves and respect for others - all while having fun and getting fit.


We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

Our main purpose: Help your child get ahead in life.

For thousands of years, martial arts has been used as a tool.

It's a tool for growth. For inner development. For becoming a better person.

We're passionate about sharing this purpose with you and your child. That way they won't just have tons of fun, they'll become smarter and wiser too.

Fun Activities That Keep Your Child Fit, Strong, & Healthy.

Every day of our camp is packed with a variety of fun games, interactive activities and exciting field trips that will have your child smiling from ear to ear. They'll also get fitter, smarter, and stronger - inside and out.

With the increase of video games, devices, and more - physical exercise and mental stimulation have never been more important for our youth.

We'll make sure your child gets as much as they need so they grow up strong and happy.

Self-Defense keeps your child safe.

Of course, one awesome side-effect of martial arts is self-defense. Your child will become as safe as possible and gain the tools they need to escape and find help.

You can breathe easier knowing they can handle themselves.

Life lessons build character, confidence, and more.

Through our fun games and activities, we 'secretly' teach kids important lessons on life.

We help them become more confident. We give them tools to focus better at school. And we teach them how to respect themselves and others.

That's what martial arts is really all about: growing and becoming a better you.

That's the true gift we'll share with your child.

Check out what Google users are saying about Karate America - Neptune Beach

Danielle Morales
- 2 months ago
Very clean. The staff is always friendly. Lots of machine choices. And it's never too crowded 👌

Tayler Bresnihan
- 7 months ago
The new Chief instructor Mr. Martinez is awesome !! His ability to connect with the kids and really bring them out of their shells is beyond exciting. Mr. Martinez is personable, energetic and consistent! Keep up the great work sir ! The past few months with him here I have seen not only the school but the students flourish!

Beth Dollar
- 10 months ago
This Karate America location has just acquired Ryan Martinez as the chief instructor, and to say he's top notch would be an understatement. My son has been under the instruction of Mr. Martinez for the past three years at Karate America Julington Creek. During that time, I have watched our child bloom into a confident, capable, polite, leader. These are all characteristics that have been taught, along with in-depth martial arts training, at Karate America. Mr. Martinez played a tremendous role in shaping our son into the young man that he is. He is an attentive and tough instructor, who has a natural talent for bringing the best out in his students. He demands their best, and they show it to him. For such a young man, he has a real command on leadership. Neptune Beach is so fortunate to have him!

Ashley Russ
- 10 months ago
The new head instructor, Mr. Martinez is Amazing! He was one of my son's instructors at the Julington Creek location for the past two years and I really cannot say enough good things about him, his teaching style, energy, and commitment to the kids he instructs. Over the last two years I have seen my son blossom with confidence, self-worth, discipline, and integrity and I know Mr Martinez's influence has been a big part of the changes we have seen. While we are super sad to see him go from our current location, we are very proud and excited for him in this new opportunity to run a studio of his own. I have no doubt in my mind that he will fill this role, going above and beyond and giving it everything he has.

Gary Wakefield
- 7 months ago
Great place for kids and adults. This place has it all. My daughter enjoys her Taekwondo and is learning self confidence and respect. I am doing the Warrior X-Fit program and like the format of the class. They also have Ty Chi and Krav Maga. All great instructors and they are good with the kids.

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